This was a passion project adopted by Instrument as a way to promote our internal Visual Craft team, a collection of designers and animators serving the entire agency. This was a way to come together as a team and create something different than our usual client work.
Sneaker legend, Steve Mullholand, had an invite to the 2006 All-Star Weekend VIP party which conveniently fell on MJ’s birthday. Would this be the opportunity to finally meet the greatest basketball player of all time? Maybe? Hopefully. Well, he wasn’t actually sure. Just in case, he came prepared with a gift that would surely bring a smile to the G.O.A.T.
Directed by Jotham Porzio  
Lived by Steve Mullholand  
Executive Producer Nic A 
A Visual Craft Production
Jotham Porzio
Violet Reed 
Jotham Porzio
Evan Gutt
Heather Weyda
Brian Kinnes 
Original Composition
Evan Gutt 
Thank You
Brian Larson
Kara Place
JD Hooge
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