About me
     Hello my name is Jotham Porzio, welcome to my animation portfolio.
I’m an Oregon native who has spent the last decade since graduating college developing a strong portfolio that I feel showcases my skills as an illustrator and animator.
     I’ve been fortunate to stay busy as an independent contractor, working full time — and often significantly more than — on projects for clients both small and large, including most recently with Stanford University and the Portland Timbers.
     I take this work seriously, and take pride in being able to listen to an idea and deliver on the vision of a project. I understand what it means to be passionate about something, so I aim to thoroughly understand the goals and interests of my clients. I feel I have a talent for being approachable and adaptable in working with many different types of people. I can respectfully balance a client’s needs and wants with my expertise to create the best product possible. 
     Most often I find myself playing the part of “general contractor,” managing the roles of various contributors for a project. In this sense, I have significant experience managing people — hiring talent, directing the video and organizing payment for those people acting as my staff.  But I can easily adapt to your studio as well and enjoy getting out of the home office to work at agencies from time to time.
     I also try to have fun with my work — I produced and directed a 2015 mini documentary, The Bee Hunter, on a Portland beekeeper and have turned friends into voice actors for a cartoon side project I do titled Raven & Crow. In college, a video I produced cleaned up at our university film festival and a commercial I made earned me a year supply of frozen yogurt. I need to make it back to Ashland to see if they’ll still honor that. This is my career and I work hard, but I also have fun with it.

Please reach out any time!