Jotham Porzio
Hello, welcome to my animation portfolio.
I am an Oregon native who works hard making client animations so I can create cartoons for fun. Character animation is the driving force behind Joth Studio's work and it continues to serve as my primary source of inspiration to produce more commercials, short films and cartoons.
I love to draw and animate but it isn't my life. When off the clock, you can find me floating the river with friends, boarding international flights with my wife, finding an underground foosball match with old college roommates and even helping navigate the seas on a friend's sailboat (I can tie one knot).
I also try to have fun with my work — I produced and directed a 2015 mini documentary, The Bee Hunter, about a Portland beekeeper and have turned friends into voice actors for cartoon side projects. A commercial I made in college earned me a year supply of frozen yogurt.  I need to make it back to Ashland to see if they’ll still honor that. 
Overall, I'm a pretty welcoming guy, so you can assume your next project with me will be in good hands.
Please reach out any time!